San Antonio Current

Mayor Taylor Says Poverty is a Symptom of Godlessness
Texas Senate Passes Bill That Would Allow Doctors to Withhold Info From Pregnant Women
Texas House Votes to Cut $20 Million from Air Quality Budget to Fund Anti-Abortion Program
How a SAPD Badge Convinced Women to Sleep with Ex-Cops
Texas Republicans Are Calling News They Don’t Like ‘Fake’
Why is ICE Releasing Hundreds of Women and Children from Family Detention Centers?
Bill Could Make it Harder for Poor, Abused Spouses to Get a Divorce in Texas
Federal Judge Reminds State to Take Foster Kids Out of Unsafe Homes
San Antonio Muslims Say Post-Election Harassment “Worse Than After 9/11”
Proposed Bill Would Make Teachers Out Their LGBT Students
Rideshare Fans Want City to Keep Driver Background Checks ‘Voluntary’
Bexar County Sued For Misleading Voters on ID Law
What Does a Trump Presidency Mean For Texas Women?
Landlord Refuses to Fix Raw Sewage Leaks, Evicts Everyone Instead
San Antonio City Council Member Believes Poverty Is A Career Choice
State Says Anonymous Volunteers Will Take Care Of Abortion Burials


Physicians Demand End To 20-year-old Ban on Gun Violence Research
Solving The Growing Health Needs Of America’s Elderly Homeless
Stanford’s New Alcohol Policy Protects Campus Rapists
The DEA Hasn’t Made Marijuana Research Any Easier 
Street Outreach Closes The Gap Between the Homeless and Health Care
D.C. Residents Debate More Homeless Shelters: ‘We are talking about people, not things’
The Supreme Court Could Further Strip Native Communities of Their Once-Promised Powers
The Ethical Risks of Engineering Mosquitoes into Extinction
California Takes a Stand on Antibiotics in Livestock
Utah Lawmaker Says Internet Porn Violates First Amendment
Police Violence is a Public Health Issue 
The Vicious Cycle of Rural Drug Addiction 
The Christian Right’s Strategy To Keep Fake Abortion Clinics Open In California 

Washington City Paper

D.C. Jail’s Deplorable Condition Is a Metaphor for the City’s Criminal Justice System 
Correction Required: The D.C. Jail is falling apart. What should replace it? 

Portland Mercury

To Bee or Not to Bee
Clean Energy, Dirty Truth 
Road to Ruin

On Pins and Needles

Street Roots

Tackling Health Care and Community in East Portland
Sharing a Smile
Flu Season Hits Hardest Where Care is Hardest to Find

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