In Bad FaithPortland NAACP President E.D. Mondainé accused of sexual abuse by former members of his church
A New Ruling by Oregon’s Highest Court Could Curb the Over-policing of Black Portlanders
Acceptable LossesProperty lost in Portland’s sweeps of homeless camps keeps the city’s most vulnerable at a disadvantage
Portlanders Closest to Gun Violence Find City’s Latest Solution Lacking
Funds From Metro’s New Supportive Housing Service Tax Reach Portland’s Homeless
Thought Police — What’s keeping Portland cops from helping people in mental health crises?
How Does Community Policing Fit into a Changing Portland?
Discriminatory Club Policies are Pushing African Americans Out of Portland’s Nightlife
Displacement Now, or Displacement Later?Portlanders push for stronger anti-displacement policies
In Search of Equal Representation, Portland Looks Beyond Neighborhood Associations
Tenants Struggle to Secure July Rent As Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium Comes to an End
Beyond the Border — One Oregon asylum-seeker’s journey through America’s strained immigration system

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Help, not Handcuffs Behind San Antonio Police Department’s shifting approach to homelessness
Under the Bridge — How the Hays Street Bridge property has become a symbol of resilience in San Antonio’s Eastside
Aged Out Texas’ overburdened foster care system has produced a generation of lost adults
Lamar Smith’s War on Science — How a Texas Congressman’s newfound power could silence critical climate change research
Landlord refuses to fix raw sewage leaks, evicts everyone instead
Texas bans the safest, most common abortion procedure after 13 weeks
Report clears SAPD of wrongdoing in Marquise Jones shooting investigation
Trans Texans’ military dreams on hold under Trump Administration



An Indiana city is poised to become the next Flint Public housing residents have been living on toxic soil for decades
‘There’s no detox when you’re dead’Boston wants users to get high under supervision 
D.C. residents debate more homeless shelters:We are talking about people, not things’ 
The Supreme Court could further strip native communities of their once-promised powers 


Dishonorable Detainment D.C. Jail’s deplorable condition is a metaphor for the city’s criminal justice system
Correction Required The D.C. Jail is falling apart. What should replace it?



Sex, Lies, and Homelessness Sex abuse is woven into Portland’s homeless community
Open Wide How Oregonians are eating the social and economic cost of bad oral health
East of EdenA former pastor ministers to the homeless in East Portland
Designated Drivers An evening with Portland’s pick-up crew for over-imbibers

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